Last night the number of comments on the site passed the 1000 mark.  Many of them are my replies, but it’s still a significant milestone.  I’d like to thank all my visitors for their support and comments and I hope everyone has a good Christmas. Don’t forget that the fares go up on January 2nd, so if you are considering investing in an annual season you can get 2011 prices as long as the ticket starts on or before January 1st.

5 thoughts on “1,000 Comments”

  1. Could you please tell me when I need to touch in and out for the following journey and cost on a Saturday

    Tram from Therapia Lane to Wimbledon, SW train to Chessington South and return journey

    Please treat me like an idiot so I understand!!

    • Hi Andy,

      Touch on the validator on the platform at Therapia Lane. This validates the tram journey.
      Touch in on the National Rail validators on platform 9 at Wimbledon. This starts a rail journey.
      Touch out at Chessington South on any yellow validator/gateline. This ends the rail journey.

      Touch in at Chessington South on any yellow validator/gateline. This starts a rail journey.
      Touch on the tram boarding validator on platform 10 at Wimbledon. This ends the rail journey and validates the tram journey.

      Further details can be found on the Wimbledon page on this site.

      Adult fares on a Saturday are £1.35 per tram journey and £2.10 per train journey. Total £6.90.

  2. Assuming you could travel from Mitcham Junction (which I’m guessing is about a mile away), you could go via Mitcham Junction via either Sutton or Clapham Junction then to Chessington South, for £2.30 each way. Not sure if a return could be cheaper!

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