6 thoughts on “2014 Fares Change postponed”

  1. I just spotted this interesting nugget buried in the Mayoral decision MD1299 re the 2014 fares changes (para 1.25):

    “Concessions and discounts on TfL Rail services

    The Train Companies have agreed to offer holders of 16 plus Zip cards half price PAYG from January 2014, aligning their fares with the concession already available on TfL Rail services. The daily PAYG caps for holders of 16 plus Zip cards are also reduced to half the adult rate. Otherwise the scope of all fare concessions on TfL Rail services is unchanged in 2014.”

    That is very good news indeed and removes some very annoying anomalies – most particularly, the £8.50 adult price cap that applied to 16+ cards, even when travelling only on the Tube.

    The PDF tables on the Fares 2014 page on the TFL website do indeed confirm the new half price 16+ fares and the off peak 16+ price cap of £4.25 (www.tfl.gov.uk/tickets/fares-2014/29085.aspx#tkt-tab-panel-4).

    The deferral of the fare changes from 2/1/14 to 19/1/14 would usually be good news, but this year it means 17 days of continued higher Oyster fares for all 16+ users. You can’t win!

    Does this also mean that there will no longer be any reason to load a 16-25 Railcard discount onto a 16+ Oystercard? (Just when the quieter Tube ticket offices had started to get the hang of it, often with the help of your instructions!)

    • Hi Dave,

      If you look at my earlier post you’ll see that I’d picked up on the 16+ change, though I’d forgotten that the cap was the usual adult one if no railcard was loaded. Perhaps that’s why TfL were keen to align the policy.

      Yes, it does mean that a chunk of those needing railcards added to Oyster will no longer need to. The cynic in me wonders if this is linked to ticket office closures in any way?

  2. Sorry, I missed the 16+ changes in your earlier post (although I didn’t doubt for a minute that you’d have picked it up!).

    I think you’re entitled to be highly cynical and I too worry about the less obvious consequences of ticket office closures. How will people add (other) National Railcard discounts with no ticket offices – or will they have to pay full rate to get to an office in central London that can do it? Two more paper One Day Travelcards have now gone, leaving just the 1-6 (and 1-9). I buy these at weekends using my Network Railcard, as the paper tickets are the only way to get that discount (£5.90 and £8.00 respectively). I’m increasingly concerned that they might withdraw these final paper Travelcards and attempt to quietly drop the Network Railcard discount. They certainly keep it very quiet: Tube ticket machines don’t list the Network Railcard discount; I was told by a booking office clerk to select Network Gold Card instead as the Railcard discounts are all the same – provided you know the time and people number restrictions. And what about other things ticket offices do: adding charter refund vouchers; quick Oyster corrections when I make a stupid gate error or need to exit to use the loo; selling group tickets; plain old fares advice?

    • Hi Dave,

      My understanding is that staff in the ticket hall will be able to do most things at the POMs using a special staff card. What isn’t clear are things involving payments like RTVs and odd ticket requests that the machines can’t do.

  3. Mike, does that mean if I start an annual Oyster zone travelcard on 18 Jan 2014, I’ll get the entire year at old/existing prices?

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