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  1. There appears to be an error in the Adult fare table. The fares in the column headed NRT2-T show £6.50 for Z2-8, but £5.90 for Z2-9. Corresponding discrepancies appear in other fare tables.

    • Hi Brian,

      Thank you very much for spotting that. It’s the Crossrail effect. Each occupied cell in the table has an actual journey associated with it so that the fares can be read from the TfL system rather than me typing them into a file. That cell was Brentwood to Swanley using the via Whitechapel etc route. The fare for that journey assumes that the Elizabeth Line is now running so every leg of it is on National Rail. I’ve now made it use the via Lewisham DLR option which picks up the through fare.

  2. Hello Mike
    An interesting explanation! I always check my journey histories, and occasionally the fare, and I find your tables the quickest way of checking fares, so thank you for producing them and all the other helpful information.

  3. Hi, I have a question regarding my commute. I live in Wimbledon (can travel from either South Wimbledon or Wimbledon station) and work in Watford junction. I currently travel around zone 1 (Euston) to avoiding zone 1 for lower fare. What do you recommend? Thank you!!

    • Hi Hanna,

      There are three avoiding zone 1 options depending on whether time or cost is paramount. The fastest one is to take the train to Clapham Junction and change onto the Southern service to Milton Keynes. That is £5.20 each way at peak times. You can save 50p by taking the Underground to West Brompton and pick up the Southern service there. For that option you must touch the pink reader while changing trains at West Brompton.

      The slower option uses a clever trick. Take the Underground to West Brompton, touch pink, then take the Overground to Willesden Junction. Touch out at the gateline there and touch back in to start a new journey. Then take the Overground from there to Watford Junction. The first journey is £1.70 at peak times, then the second journey is £1.80 because going against the peak flow on the Euston to Watford Junction line is charged at off-peak. The same works in reverse in the evening. If you don’t touch out and back in again at Willesden Junction then the whole journey is charged at peak and is £4.70 again. With the split it’s only £3.50.

      Finally, if you want to make the journey via zone 1 on a daily basis then consider getting a zone 1-3 travelcard at £41.20 per week. When you get to Euston you need to touch on a bus to break your journey. Don’t worry, most bus drivers are used to people getting on and off again. You can then get the off-peak extension fare for zone 4 to Watford Junction which is the same £1.80. It’s more than avoiding zone 1, but less than if the whole journey is at peak fares.

      I hope this helps, but do ask again if something isn’t clear.

  4. I have to get from Richmond to Amersham tomorrow – Saturday – morning. Is it really true that this can be done for £1.80 if I tap a pink reader at Rayners Lane. Is this before I get the next tube to Harrow? I’m not exiting the system at any point am I? Also it shouldn’t time out for max journey either?

    • Hi Mark,

      Yes that is true. Max journey time on a Saturday is 155 minutes by my calculation.

  5. Hi, can I now use a six zone day travelcard on the Heathrow Connect between Hayes & Harlington and Heathrow please ?……..I’m reading conflicting guidance.

    • Hi Mark,

      Yes you can. The service is now TfL Rail rather than Heathrow Connect and zone 1-6 travelcards are definitley valid.

  6. Thanks for my reply Mike. It ended up taking about 2 hours out and 1.45 back so limit wasn’t a problem.

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