TfL Website Sign-in Issues

Is anyone else having problems signing into their accounts on the TfL website? Every time I try to log in I have to complete the wretched captcha puzzle at least twice and often three times. It’s not because I get the pictures wrong either. After the first attempt I’m redirected back to the “are you … Read more

No More Oyster at Ticket Offices

A few weeks ago I wrote about the removal of Oyster facilities at most NR ticket offices.  The last two remaining train companies were London Overground and TfL Rail, both concessions of TfL.  This week it has been confirmed that both of these will also lose their ticket office capabilities this month.  A Transport for … Read more

Contactless Caps on Fare Finder

I’m delighted to report that the fare finder now includes all-day and off-peak caps for stations where contactless only is accepted. In all cases the all-day cap is the same as the anytime day travelcard and the off-peak cap is the same as the off-peak day travelcard.  These caps only allow unlimited travel within zones … Read more

Latest Funding Settlement and Driverless Trains

There no longer seem to be direct links between fares or concessions and the ongoing funding settlements, unless I’m missing something, so I’m not going to delve too deeply into the topic.  The condition that seems to be producing all the headlines this time is “driverless trains”, a topic that means different things to different … Read more