New Fares from Tuesday – Full Details

It’s a little later than I’d hoped, but I now have full details of the new fares available on this site. To check single fares and caps between any two stations please visit the 2022 Fare Finder. Note that we are aware of a small problem with the zonal coverage details when travelling to/from Gatwick … Read more

Dartford, Swanley, Fares Going Down!

Prompted by a site visitor (thanks Nick) I’ve analysed the changes to fares on the NR2 scale and discovered that they have all been aligned with the main NR1 scale.  I queried this with TfL who said that they had checked with Southeastern and that the fares are correct.  I also asked Southeastern for confirmation … Read more

Another Cheap Zone 1 Fare Discovered

There are a number of journeys on the rail system in London where it is not possible to tell whether you’ve travelled via zone 1 or not.  If the consensus is that you will have done, because the alternative is too convoluted, then the including zone 1 fare will be charged.  But if avoiding zone … Read more

Fares Change on March 1st Again

I’ve finally managed to get confirmation that most of the 2022 pay-as-you-go fares will be implimented on Tuesday March 1st.  All fares within zones 1-9 are set to rise, along with daily/weekly caps and weekly/period travelcards.  The average rises will be 3.8% on National Rail and 4.8% where TfL set the fare.  As always there … Read more