Elizabeth Line Incomplete Journeys

One thing that has quickly been noted is that people are getting charged incomplete journeys because they have taken too long in the system.  This is hardly surprising when we are all being urged to stop and admire the architecture in each station.  Although the maximum for a zone 1 journey is enhanced from the … Read more

The Fare Finder and the Elizabeth Line

One thing I’ve always strived to do with the fare finder on this site is to simplify the number of duplicate station entries. The TfL single fare finder lists Harrow & Wealdstone twice, for example, once as an Underground station and once as an Overground and National Rail station.  There is only one station and … Read more

New Interchanges with the Elizabeth Line

The opening of the new Elizabeth line on Tuesday introduces a host of new interchange options. Many are within the stations while others are new out-of-station interchanges (OSIs) with nearby stations. This is what’s coming: Paddington: The new station is accessed from the Eastbourne Terrace side of the main station near platform 1.  Escalators and … Read more

The Elizabeth Line is Coming

So, the official line from TfL is still that the Elizabeth Line will open in the first half of 2022.  We’re 4 months in already, so that just leaves May or June.  I’m going to be bold and put my prediction out there (and probably fall flat on my face as a result).  I’m going … Read more