Abbey Wood Validators – The Saga Continues

With thanks to my spy who regularly uses Abbey Wood, I can confirm that 5 of the 6 new validators are now working on platforms 3 and 4 at Abbey Wood.  These are the 4 validators next to the middle footbridge (2 by the escalators and 2 by the stairs) and the one near the bottom of the steps from the ticket hall.

The bad news is that the last one (by the footbridge at the London end of the platforms) is unlikely to be available before February 2024, according to a recent FOI request.

As previously mentioned, these are provided for Elizabeth line customers using Thameslink or Southeastern services to/from beyond Dartford.  There is no need to touch the new validators if you are in the middle of a PAYG journey, or have just entered the station, or are about to exit.

5 thoughts on “Abbey Wood Validators – The Saga Continues”

  1. Just saw the validator by the middle footbridge in action for the first time and it wasn’t immediately clear that you only need to use them if you’re changing to a paper ticket. Certainly a couple of people used them and then there were inspectors on the bridge. Didn’t stop everyone so looked a bit like they were looking to see who touched out and making sure they had a ticket for the rest of their journey.

    • Thanks for this update, Nick. Did you notice which company the RPIs worked for? I’m guessing Southeastern or Thameslink, but it might have been EL staff. It certainly doesn’t surprise me that they are checking.

      And yes, the signage leaves a lot to be desired. I may go and do some more testing shortly, with my 60+ Oyster as a backup so I’m definitely legal.

  2. Can you tell if South Eastern and other Train Companies are taking part in The Friday Off Peak and will this apply to Senior Railcards added to the Oyster Card.

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