End of 2021 Round-Up

As we approach the end of another covid-riddled year there are a few odds and ends to mention: The January fares revision has again been postponed.  It’s suggested that it will be in March, but no date is clear just yet.  When it does happen the average rise is expected to be 3.8%. As there … Read more

Limehouse Gate Confusion

Limehouse has two stations adjacent to each other. One is a DLR station and the other is on the c2c line from Fenchurch Street. Both stations have stairs/lifts down to a concourse with validators at the bottom from the DLR station and a gateline leading from the c2c station. So far it is all straightforward. … Read more

Solving Finsbury Park

Regular visitors to this site will be aware of the long standing problems for Oyster and contactless users at Finsbury Park.  Initially the Underground station was partly gated and partly open with validators, while the National Rail station was completely open with validators.  In recent years London Underground sought to secure their station with gates … Read more

Testing The New Oyster Capping

First published on 30th September, updated on 6th and 12th October. With the new system of capping starting this week I decided that now was a good time to dust off my Oyster card and check out how things work.  Whilst the behind the scenes processing seemed reasonably clear, I wanted to see how much … Read more

Site Updates and Capping Changes

Over the weekend the comments attached to the information pages from the old site have been migrated over to this site.  This means that the links at the bottom of each page back to the old site are no longer required.  I’d still encourage anyone who wants to ask a question to use the forum … Read more

Battersea Power Station Opening 20/09/2021

The new extension to the Northern line to Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station is scheduled to open on Monday 20th September. It will initially be served by 5 or 6 trains an hour which will run via the Charing Cross branch.  The extension cannot physically connect to the Bank branch. In terms of fares … Read more

Confusing Announcement at King George V

So, I was out and about this afternoon trying out some stuff with an ITSO smart card, more of which later. At King George V the train to Woolwich Arsenal was announced as going via London City Airport. Err, no, it’s just been there, it’s not going again.