Bank (Walbrook) to Cannon Street OSIs

Now that the new entrance to Bank Station, within the Bloomberg building on Walbrook, has opened, TfL have added a new OSI between Bank and Cannon Street LU.  The OSI still works with any entrance to Bank station, but the Walbrook exit is far and away the nearest.  This entrance takes you down to the Waterloo and City line platforms and has access to the rest of the station from there.

The details have been added to my OSI list, and to the map page for Bank to Cannon Street.

2 thoughts on “Bank (Walbrook) to Cannon Street OSIs”

  1. I don’t know why the Cannon Street/Bank OSI wasn’t introduced earlier, it’s the shortest way from Circle/District to/from the Central Line. The underground walk between Monument and Bank for this interchange is more lengthy. Last summer it wasn’t at all fun 🙁

    Regarding the Bloomberg Walbrook entrance to Bank station, I find that the officially directed route is very long tortuous to the Central Line, and possibly other lines are affected too. Instead of the Bloomberg entrance, I find the old Walbrook entrance about 50yds further North to be far more convenient, although it’s not step free.


    • Hi Howard,

      Thanks for the comments. I’m sure I’ve read that the main aim of the Bloomberg entrance is linking the Waterloo and City line to the District and Circle, which having used the entrance a few times I can agree it does quite well.

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