Boris moves a zone boundary

I’m seeing conflicting reports that Boris is planning to move Stratford into zone 2 in January 2016 as part of the Olympic Legacy.  The BBC are suggesting that it will move from zone 3 to zone 2, while ITV think the more logical idea would be to run the zone 2/3 boundary through Stratford High Street, Stratford Regional and Stratford International.  Personally I’d say the boundary shift along the DLR seems more likely as that would not involve putting up any fares.  It’s likely to cost TfL £7million a year.

Is it too much to hope that by January 2016 the High Speed line will accept travelcards and Oyster?

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    • Thanks Alun,

      It looks like it will be zone 2/3 then. It makes sense and I think the £7m estimate may be exaggerated because the cheaper fares may encourage travel.

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you could help. I’m going to be travelling from Brentwood to Canning town for my new job. what’s the cheapest way to do this? as you probably know Brentwood is in zone B so its been difficult to find a cheap way around it.

    • Hi Charlotte,

      The answer really depends on what other travel you intend to do and how long you can commit to a season ticket. The daily peak single is £5.40. A weekly travelcard from Brentwood to zones 3-6 is £59.20, but that cannot be put on an Oyster card unfortunately. The monthly or longer version will be cheaper than single tickets as long as you use it for 21 days or more per month. The only way to make it cheaper is to use PAYG outside peak times (0630-0930 and 1600-1900). Note that a touch in at Brentford before 0630 will give you the off-peak fare on Oyster even though paper off-peak tickets are not valid.

  2. Hi. I travel daily in peak times from Harlow to Wembley and get a travel card. I may be reducing this to 3-4 days per week. Would it be cheaper to buy daily travel cards or tickets to Liverpool St & get an Oyster card for the tube?

    • Hi Jane,

      First question – would Epping be a possibility? If yes then zone 6 is stretched to include the end of the Central line so it would work out a lot cheaper. If not then there are options and it is quite complex. If you only travel in London for work then daily tickets will definitely be better value for 3 days, but a weekly travelcard could still be the best option if it’s 4 days. Here are the relevant daily fares.

      Anytime day travelcard from Harlow to zones 1-6: £28.70

      Anytime day return from Harlow to Liverpool Street: £19.10
      Peak single from Liverpool Street to Wembley Park: £3.80
      Off-peak single from Wembley Park to Liverpool Street: £2.70
      Total for option 2: £25.60

      Anytime return from Harlow to Tottenham Hale: £15.80
      Peak Singles between Tottenham Hale & Wembley Park: £3.80 x2
      Total for option 3: £23.40

      Anytime return from Harlow to Tottenham Hale: £15.80
      Peak singles avoiding zone 1: £2.30 x2
      Total for option 4: £20.40

      Option 5: Epping to Wembley Park £5.00 x2 = £10.00
      Option 6: Epping to Wembley Park avoiding zone 1 £2.70 x2 = £5.40

      Option 1 is complete freedom, no Oyster required, travel any way you want.
      Option 2 uses Oyster between Liverpool Street and whichever Wembley station you want. It’s off-peak in the afternoon because you finish in zone 1.
      Option 3 uses Oyster from Tottenham Hale. You need to get off to touch in but you could then take the Victoria line into Central London if you want.
      Option 4 uses Oyster from Tottenham Hale. Take the Victoria line to Highbury & Islington and then Overground to West Hampstead* (for Wembley Park) or Willesden Junction (for Wembley Central/North).
      Options 5 and 6 use Oyster throughout. Change at Stratford and West Hampstead* or Willesden Junction to avoid zone 1. You also need to factor in costs of getting to Epping.

      * For a slightly longer walk you can also change between Finchley Road & Frognall and Finchley Road to take the fast Mets to Wembley Park.

      Hope that helps somehow.

  3. Thanks for the speedy (and comprehensive!) response. I will check parking charges from Epping as that seems to be the cheapest option

    • It will be cheap from the fares point of view, though I should point out that the journey time will be longer than Harlow to Liverpool Street on a Stansted Express. Only you know how time and cost compare value wise.

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