10 thoughts on “Brentwood moves to zone 9”

  1. HiMike
    The Liverpool St to
    Cheshunt &
    Has turned orange ie overground (OG) on my OG paper timetable.
    And a pink reader on Hackey Downs – Central has appeared.


    • Hi Noel,

      The orange is no surprise as LO have taken over the routes. Is there actually a pink reader between the Hackney stations, or have they just marked it as an interchange now? A pink reader would suggest that you can make the change without exiting a station.

  2. Hi Mike
    I take your point but I did not visit Hackney Downes or Central, if you travel from Cheshunt to Chingford via Downs it is a zone2 interchange…instead of Liverpool St zone1 or they are mixing tarrif – OG v GA?
    Or travel on to Southend line via Stratford.


    • Hi Noel,

      Cheshunt to Chingford is charged as a zone 3-8 journey on the TfL Liverpool Street scale. You can travel via Hackney Downs and won’t be charged extra, but the logical route is via Seven Sisters or Tottenham Hale and Walthamstow Central.

  3. I don’t understand the new fares to Brentwood (no surprises there – I don’t understand any train fares!).

    https://tfl.gov.uk/campaign/new-fares?intcmp=23318 says “When it moves into Zone 9 on 31 May, fares for travel between Zone 1 and Brentwood will change as follows: The adult single pay as you go peak fare will fall to £8.20 from £9.70 and the off peak fare will fall to £5.30 from £7.60”.

    But https://tfl.gov.uk/fares-and-payments/fares/single-fare-finder?From=London+Liverpool+Street+Rail+Station&FromId=910GLIVST&To=Brentwood+Rail+Station&ToId=910GBRTWOOD&PassengerType=Adult says peak £7.60, o/p £5.30.

    Even more oddly, https://tfl.gov.uk/fares-and-payments/fares/single-fare-finder?From=Feltham+Rail+Station&FromId=910GFELTHAM&To=Brentwood+Rail+Station&ToId=910GBRTWOOD&PassengerType=Adult says £7.60 and £5.20 respectively.

    So from zone 1 is it £8.20 or £7.60 peak, and why is it 10p cheaper to travel from FEL rather then LST even though the default route clearly assumes travel via z1* and therefore by definition LST?

    * I wouldn’t go this way of course – I’d use the Overground via RMD & SRA for £1.90 with railcard, which is very good value for a journey of around 60km!

    • Alan,

      I think you’ve found an anomaly in the fares structure. It was bound to happen now that there are four different scales.

  4. I believe the pink validator will appear when the new interchange link between Hackney Central and Downs opens in a few weeks time. The link is largely extant but the lift has to be installed and openings made on to the respective platforms. There will be no need to walk via the street using the OSI when the link opens. It remains to be seen if the OSI is removed or not.

    • Hi PC,

      I need to visit Hackney again soon. Are you suggesting that the link will be within the paid area of both stations?

  5. I am travelling from rochford, on the Liverpool Street line – passing through Brentwood, to the angel on a Friday evening. The abelio Ticket will cost me around £38 but if I use the new abelio/TFL ticket it will be £20. Do I have to get off the train at Brentwood and get back on?

    • Hi Karen,

      I’m not quite sure what tickets you are refering to at those prices. The closest ticket to £38 is the £37.70 Rochford to London zones 1-6 anytime travelcard. As you are not travelling in the morning peak this ticket is overkill. There is a super off-peak return from Rochford to Zone U123 London at £19.60 which allows one return Underground/DLR trip in zones 1-3. This basically allows you to change to the Central line at Stratford if you wish rather than Liverpool Street. On the way in to London you can’t use it on trains arriving at Liverpool Street before 1200 and on the way back you can’t use it on trains leaving Liverpool Street between 1558 and 1902. There are no restrictions on the Underground while restrictions at Stratford are 7 minutes before/after the times at Liverpool Street so it bars the same trains. I think that ticket will probably cover you for what you want to do.

      You would only need to get off at Brentwood if you wanted to switch to Oyster. The cheapest fare including a ticket from Rochford to Brentwood and off-peak Oyster singles totals £19.40, so hardly worth it.

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