New fares live – and wrong?

TfL have added the new fares to their website, but they’ve made a couple of errors.  The first one is a useability issue; rather than have the new fares on special pages linked to from the current live pages, they have instead copied the current fares onto special pages and made the new fares live.  I guess it’s not too bad given that you’ll think you’ve got a bargain when you’re charged less, but they really ought to keep the current fares in the default place.

The other error is far more serious.

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Helpdesk/Online Closure

The Oyster website will be unavailable between 2100 on Friday 2nd December and 1300 on Sunday 4th December for essential maintenance work. During this time the helpdesk will not have access to customer data either.

Tottenham Court Road Reopen

Now that Tottenham Court Road has re-opened on the Northern line, and interchange is once more possible with the Central line, the temporary OSIs between Goodge Street, Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Road have been removed.

Ken to restore Z2-6 travelcards?

I tend to avoid getting too involved in the politics and the fare changes on this site, but earlier this week Ken Livingstone dangled a frankly huge carrot in front of potential voters in the suburbs, promising to resurrect the much missed “avoiding zone 1” travelcard if he is elected Mayor next year.  The story can be read

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Fare errors from Crayford, Bexley

I’m beginning to get a little annoyed about this now.  Someone seems to have forgotten to tell the fares manager that you can take direct trains from Crayford and Bexley to Woolwich Arsenal via Slade Green, and thus take the DLR under the river to Canning Town, West Ham and Stratford.  This means that there is no earthly

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Early off-peak changes

Thanks to Malcolm who spotted that TfL have added some more stations to the list of early starts to the off-peak daily price cap.  They are stations north of Hatch End, but NOT Watford Junction.  Remember that although the off-peak cap applies early at all these stations, peak fares are still charged when touch in … Read more

The Southwark Pass-through

I thought it was time for another snippet from my own Oyster travels.  Today I had to get into Farringdon for a meeting.  With no services there or at Barbican I decided to use the bus from Southwark Jubilee line station.  This meant that I had to exit Waterloo East via the Southwark connection and walk straight through the Underground station without travelling.  There is a special setting

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Latest Comments List

I have added a new section in the left sidebar called Latest Comments.  This gives a snippet of the last eight comments (not posted by me) from anywhere on the site.  I have ignored my comments as they are usually responses to questions raised and thus best read with the previous comment.

New Journey History with pictures

Further to the earlier post I am now able to comment further about the new journey history, and include a screenprint so that others who might not have any recent history can still comment.  Oysteronline is very keen to recieve feedback on this project, good or bad.  What we are currently seeing is the first beta version which was released at the beginning of August.  There is an update due next month which will address some of the issues highlighted in feedback so far.  Please keep it coming though, either directly from the Oyster online website, or by replying to this post.

Anyway, onto the screenprint.

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Improved Journey History

An eagle-eyed visitor has spotted that TfL have introduced a new journey history display recently.  It is much improved on the old version.  You can still only see details for the last eight weeks but the history is broken up into week long chunks.  Within each week the entry and exit details for each journey (or part of a multi-leg journey) are matched up so that you only see the fare for that journey.

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