Cheaper fares to zone 1 in PM peak

One of the changes introduced this month concerns journeys starting outside zone 1 and ending in zone 1 during the afternoon peak.  Where TfL set the fare it has been off-peak for a couple of years now, but from this month it is extended to all rail journeys.  Unlike TfL fares, with the NR set fares this does mean that it will be cheaper to travel to zone 1 than zone 2 at this time.  It should be noted that the dual zoned stations work as they should which will be frustrating for people using Vauxhall and Elephant & Castle NR stations.  Travel from Clapham Junction to Vauxhall will be charged peak as will travel from Vauxhall to Waterloo, but Clapham Junction to Waterloo will be off-peak.

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  1. Assuming I’ve looked at the fares lists properly this only seems to be an issue when you travel in from Zone 5 or further out. The PAYG fares for the PM peak for Z14 and Z24 are equal at £2.70. I’m using the NR farescale for this check. I am surprised the fare setters were not more alert to this as it’s yet another example of strange fares effects in this revision package.

    I know it’s going to hard to do it with current industry structures but the sooner we have an uniform single fares and tariff in the zonal area the better. No wonder people are confused – I thought I had a good handle on the fares but realised yesterday that I’d been mistaken about the tariff that applies from Walthamstow C – Liv St. Thought it was TfL but it’s actually the NR scale if using Greater Anglia.

    • Hi PC,

      You’re right of course. I tend to check these things from Crayford as that’s my local station. It’s another case of you’re fine if you live nearer the centre – the caps have all gone down from zone 3 inwards. And I completely agree about the single tariff.

      As for Walthamstow Central – it is supposed to be TfL fares from there into Liverpool Street. I wonder what will actually be charged.

  2. The impacts on travellers in the outer zones and on off peak travel more generally from creating the “proportionate” daily caps seem very strange to me. Politically it looks as if Boris was not paying attention to what was being done in his name although he is not seeking re-election in 2016. The social media reaction to the One Day Travelcard price hike is uniformally negative as people have now had to fork out their cash. Whoever has to sign off increases from 2017 onwards faces some really horrible decisions unless they’re prepared to find some cash from somewhere to ease out the adverse effects.

    • Well I think they’ve been quite brave with the restructure. My guess is that there will be some adjustments made either later this year or next January once trends and more informed feedback has been digested.

  3. Hi Mike
    Thanks for the detailed info to Zone 1 afternoon 4pm to 7pm.
    I thought I knew zone fares good and proper but couldn’t work out why coming in from Ealing—Zone 3 at 5pm I was getting charged diff prices.The off peak charge for Zone 1 applies for Bond Street and Waterloo at £2.80 but if I get out at North Greenwich for The 02 —-Zone 2 it is £3.30

  4. Hi
    In an earlier post we have…

    Politically it looks as if Boris was not paying attention to what was being done in his name although he is not seeking re-election in 2016.

    But now Boris is seeking election as an MP in Uxbridge zone six or so.

    Many voters will be bitter that his larger ‘cap’ is on expenses.

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