Contactless Caps on Fare Finder

I’m delighted to report that the fare finder now includes all-day and off-peak caps for stations where contactless only is accepted. In all cases the all-day cap is the same as the anytime day travelcard and the off-peak cap is the same as the off-peak day travelcard.  These caps only allow unlimited travel within zones 1-6, plus to/from the origin station, so if the other end of the journey is beyond zone 6 then no caps are shown.  In the case of those journeys travel will be limited by a cap along with extension fare(s), and the system will work out which cap and extension fares to use for the cheapest overall total.

There are two stations where different caps apply if you are using contactless as opposed to Oyster.  First the Oyster caps are shown and then the contactless ones are underneath.  This only happens if the passenger type is adult.  The stations are Potters Bar and Radlett.

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