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As announced in the TfL fares changes decision, from Jan 2nd next year holders of the NR Disabled Railcard will be entitled to discounts at any time when using PAYG on Oyster. This will require a new discount code to be added to the Oyster. ATOC are supposed to be writing to all holders of disabled railcards to tell them about the change, but as yet this doesn’t seem to have happened. We have done some mystery shopping at some Circle line stations and the best answer we got was that it can’t be done until Jan 2nd.

Somewhat alarmingly one station insisted that railcard discounts do not apply to tube travel at all. I’ve passed the results back to TfL so I won’t name and shame just yet.

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  1. Hi Mike, happy new year!

    I learned of this on your website first and checked the new TfL fares page for disabled railcard holders and there does not seem to be any change in the way they offer discounts.

    • Hi Dem,

      There seem to be some oversights in the new fares pages which I’ll be taking up with TfL in the morning. If you do try to get your Oyster re-updated, do let me know how it goes.

  2. Hi Mike, I did present to my local tube station and requested that my Oyster be updated to reflect the new discounts. I was told that they updated my card as being linked to a disabled railcard as opposed to just a railcard. I have not been able to check yet if the changes have been applied though.

    • Hi Dem,

      Thanks for the feedback. I’d be fairly confident it’s right, but do let us know when you’ve checked.

  3. Hi Mike

    I can confirm that the discount has been applied. My question now is that with the discount, my Oyster caps at £4.25 on Daily Anytime for Zone 1-2. What amount would it be capped for Daily Off-Peak? Will it be £4.25?

    • Hi Dem,

      Yes, both anytime and off-peak caps are the same for zone 1-2 so you’ll pay the same discounted one for both. Other railcards only get the discount off-peak. Can I ask if you’ve receieved a letter or email from ATOC about the changes for disabled railcards?

  4. Thanks for the clarification Mike. No, I haven’t received anything from ATOC. I just checked the DPRC website and they haven’t updated the discount page yet.

    • Oh dear. They were supposed to be writing to everyone over Christmas. The website is really bad though, that should have been updated for sure. At least you’re ok!

  5. It seems that the senior management at TfL haven’t told anybody of this change. Even the Disabled Persons Railcard office was not aware of the change despite it being published on its website under ‘news’.
    Oyster helpline was terrible – cut off twice then transferred to lost and stolen without the call being announced. Nearly an hour wasted on the phone getting nowhere.
    Nobody seems to know!

    Doesn’t TfL and NR circulate retail circulars to staff anymore?

    • Hi Alex,

      Well some staff know about it because I’ve heard of several people who have successfully upgraded. What is it that you want to know? The best place to get the discount added to your Oyster card is an Underground station in zone 1 linked to a NR station. It can be done at any Underground station but the zone 1 ones are more used to doing it.

  6. Hi Mike

    In the past it seemed there was no difference between an Oyster not linked with a DRPC and one that is when spot checks were done by TfL. Today on the bus I was asked whether I had a photocard when they checked my Oyster and I had to show them my DRPC! Just wanted to share this as this is another change I guess. Logical one but still a new thing.

    • Hi Dem,

      Thanks for this. Carrying a railcard when only using buses always seemed a bit over the top, but now you do actually get a discount on the bus cap (15p) if you don’t use rail outside zones 1-2. This may be why they are more keen to ensure that the discount is valid.

  7. One way of checking quickly what has been loaded on your Oyster card is to request a mini statement from a tube station. Of course you won’t be able to do this for very long…

    • Does a mini statement confirm discount though. However, POMs under the control of a CSA can confirm anyway.

  8. I received an email from the DPR Office.

    When I tried to make the change at a Tube Office, I was treated as if I didn’t know what I was taking about. They said it was already coded for a railcard. After much discussion, and the intervention of a colleague, it was found that there were different codes for a DP railcard and other railcards. I was eventually thanked by the assistant for educating them.

  9. hi
    i have a disabled rail card and i am driving to london to stay at a friends she lives west drayton and i will buying an oyster card how do i get my discount and dose my friend travel cheaper as my carer. Would this be better sorted before i go Friday or do i sort it out when i get there

  10. Hi, hope you can help. i’m visiting London in July. I am registered blind and have a disabled railcard. I also have a visitor oyster from a previous trip some years ago. Can I get discounts on my Oyster journeys and if so what do I need to do? Also, what ticket will my carer need to get? It will be my 16 year old daughter accompanying me as my carer. All advice appreciated as I find the prospect of travel around London quite daunting. Many thanks

    • Hi,

      I don’t think you can put discounts on a visitor Oyster card. You can get a refund of any credit on the visitor card at a tube station and then get the disabled discount added to an adult Oyster card. Your carer can travel with a child rate off-peak day travelcard. More details are on the TfL site.

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