Elizabeth Line Incomplete Journeys

One thing that has quickly been noted is that people are getting charged incomplete journeys because they have taken too long in the system.  This is hardly surprising when we are all being urged to stop and admire the architecture in each station.  Although the maximum for a zone 1 journey is enhanced from the standard 70 minutes to 90 minutes, you only have to maybe get off once or twice to look around before continuing your journey and that allowance will rapidly be exhausted.  Another scenario is if you start at one station, explore the line, then finish at the same station you will also incur two incomplete journeys.

I’ve had a discussion with TfL this afternoon and they are acutely aware of the issue, and the hit to their reputation if this isn’t dealt with. If you think you’ve been overcharged while visiting the Elizabeth line then do contact customer services and explain which stations you spent time admiring the architecture at.

My suggestion is that they should apply a complete amnesty on incomplete journeys at Elizabeth line stations for this week, perhaps until the end of the jubilee bank holiday.  This is because TfL are proactively suggesting people take time to look around the new stations.  Time will tell whether they do this, or something similar.

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