End of 2021 Round-Up

As we approach the end of another covid-riddled year there are a few odds and ends to mention:

The January fares revision has again been postponed.  It’s suggested that it will be in March, but no date is clear just yet.  When it does happen the average rise is expected to be 3.8%.

As there are no official New Years Eve celebrations happening this year there will also not be sponsored free travel after midnight.  There will be late trains on many lines including the Underground.

Don’t forget that the Northern line will be closing for 4 months between Kennington and Moorgate from Monday 17th January.

6 thoughts on “End of 2021 Round-Up”

  1. Hopefully we don’t see further widening of the gap between TfL and NR fares in zones 1-6 due to the rounding issues. Aside from being unfair to those who don’t have an alternative, it is increasingly going to distort demand from those who do.

  2. As for Kennington to Moorgate, apparently my request to add a City Thameslink to St Pauls OSI to mitigate the disruption to central line connections has been passed to the OSI manager. I really hope something comes of it as (selfishly) it’ll make the difference between a nightmare and an OK 4 months.

      • Will do, but I’m not optimistic as it was a couple of weeks ago. So unless it’s going to spring into life on Friday, it’s probably a lost cause.

        Kennington to Elephant NR would also be a somewhat useful temporary OSI (but I have no interest in that one). It seems like TfL have missed a few OSI tricks to reduce disruption.

        • You may find that the delay to the annual fares revision is impacting their ability to set up OSIs. As I understand it there are data freezes either side of a major revision.

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