Epsom – Off-peak travelcard loophole

Now that the National Rail booking systems have the 2015 fares loaded it appears that there is a good way to undercut the price of a paper zone 1-6 travelcard. As we know, off-peak in boundary travelcards are being withdrawn from Jan 2nd, but out boundary ones will still exist. Epsom has long been one of the cheapest places to get one as Southern offer a discounted version which can only be used on their trains between Epsom and Ewell East. Once you are inside the zones it becomes a normal travelcard. There is no compulsion to use the ticket at Epsom.

So, the £10.50 Southern only travelcard from Epsom will save £1.50 over a zone 1-6 travelcard and £1.20 over the zone 1-6 off-peak cap on Oyster. Ticket offices should sell the ticket if asked, but it can always be bought online and picked up from your local TVM.

Remember that this is only effective once the fares actually change in

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  1. Looks like Southern have become aware of their error and bumped the price up to £12.00. One of the perils of highlighting loopholes…

    • Very true, though it was mentioned on several other sites as well.

      Happy New Year.

  2. I wish to travel from Bushey, Herts, to Epsom using my oyster card. I understand Epsom is outside the oyster zone so do I have to check out at the nearest oyster station to Epsom and buy another ticket?

    • Hi Norman,

      Yes, unfortunately you would have to do that if you want to use Oyster from Bushey.

  3. Hi,
    How far can I travel on my 60+ card if travelling to Dorking?
    Can I get discount if I need to buy a ticket?

    • Hi Ian,

      The 60+ card is valid to Ewell East or West. It doesn’t give you any entitlements to discounts on extension tickets, but the NR senior railcard does if you have one.

  4. Hello,

    I am popping over to the UK for 3 weeks soon and will be based in Esher. I intend to travel into central London most days – would I be best to get weekly travel cards or go on the Oyster card system ??

    • Hi Sarah,

      As long as you use the travelcard at least 5 days a week then that will be the cheapest solution. Oyster isn’t available at Esher so isn’t really an option unless you want to get off at Surbiton on each journey to touch in/out. You’d need to get the next train to continue your journey. If you are not travelling into London for 5 or more days then the off-peak day travelcard (or super off-peak at weekends) will be cheaper, assuming you don’t need to be in London before 1000 M-F.

  5. Probably a bit late for Dr C, but there’s no need to travel fro Stoneleigh to Clapham Junction via Epsom! Stoneleigh to Clapham Junction is six stops on a direct train, all of which are inside the Oyster zone. To go via Epsom, you’d have to go two stops in the other direction, then change trains and come back in eight stops on the same service.

    • Hi Chris,

      It’s a good point, apart from the fact that there are faster services to Clapham Junction from Epsom which don’t call at Stoneleigh.

  6. Hi Mike,

    I’m hoping you can help me here. I live in Bromley and need to travel to Epsom starting in a couple of weeks. The route I’m thinking of is Shortlands-Beckenham, Beckenham-Crystal Palace and Crystal Palace-Epsom. Since, I will only be travelling within zone 4 and Epsom, is there any option for travel cards in such scenarios. Zone 4-6 + Epsom

    • Hi Sykonba,

      Yes. You need to specify it as Epsom to zones 4-6 but you can use it either way round.

  7. Hi I am travelling from waddon to epsom weekly. Peak time. How much would this cost? And what travel card can i buy to save money?

    • Hi Shakira,

      The anytime day return is £7.70. A weekly season ticket from Waddon to Epsom is £24.30. This is not a travelcard as it only allows travel on trains between Waddon and Epsom. If you want to include buses then you need an Epsom to zones 5-6 travelcard at £25.90.

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