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Continuing the farce that is the provision of free travel around London for volunteers, officials and competitors, I keep hearing about extensions to the validity of the zones 1-6 travelcard that most people have.  Before it’s too late, this post will attempt to keep track of those that I can verify.

  • Zones 7-9 (just show the card to staff and/or buy a paper ticket to the first zone 9 station)
  • St Pancras International to Stratford International (just show the card to gateline staff)
  • Esher (show the card to staff and/or buy a paper ticket to Esher)

Please feel free to post any other relaxations that you know about and/or have used.  I will try to verify exceptional ones.

In all cases above, card means both the Olympic family Oyster and your games accreditation.


11 thoughts on “Games Maker Oyster extensions”

  1. I am a games maker and i travel to paddington from reading. Can I just buy a ticket from reading to slough and then use the oyster card form slough to paddington.
    If I may do this do i have to use a train which stops at slough or may i use any train which passes through slough?
    Thank you for your help
    Geoff Bell

    • Hi Geoff,

      If the GM Oyster is valid from Slough then you only need to buy a ticket to Slough and the train does not need to stop. Also check the games travel section of National Rail Enquiries because they may sell a ticket to London Games that ends up being cheaper.

  2. I am a games maker. Can i use my oyster to travel from guildford to reading? bit confusing

    • Hi Carl,

      Both Guildford and Reading are well outside the Oyster area, so I’m afraid that’s a no.

  3. Hi,
    If my gamesmaker oyster card covers zones 1-6 and I’m travelling from Dartford to Greenwich Park station then what is the first station that is covered? This will be the station that I need to buy a ticket to, won’t it???

    • Hi Julie,

      Slade Green is the first station within the zones. If you want to avoid needing an extra ticket then your Oyster is valid on the 428 bus between Bluewater and Slade Green. You can also get any 96, 428 or 492 to Crayford then take a train to Lewisham and DLR to Greenwich.

  4. I am a paralympic gamesmaker and was told at the ticket office I just need to buy a ticket to the ‘boundary of zone 6’ which is only available from the desk and not the machines. (Traveling from Guildford BTW)

    • Hi Cavee,

      A ticket to boundary zone 6 gives you maximum flexibility as it allows you to travel via Ewell as well as via Surbiton. You can purchase them online or at the station. You may find the cheapest tickets are available at the National Rail Games Travel site by selecting London Games as the destination.

  5. Hi, Im a Games maker at the paralympics. I am travelling from Farnbrorough to the Olympic Park. When i get to the station, if i show my Oyster card and say where im travelling to will they only charge me for my travel up till zone 6 or do i have to state a zone 6 station thats on the route? Thank you for your help

    • Hi Miranda,

      You can ask for a ticket to boundary zone 6 which will be fine. Check the National Rail Games Travel site as you may find tickets to London Games are better value.

  6. Hi, I’m looking to buy an Olympic Volunteer Oyster Card (the one with the green section on the right) if anyone would be interested to sell, to add to my Oyster collection here in Sydney, Australia. If anyone can help, please contact post here. Thanks Paul

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