4 thoughts on “Helpdesk/Online Closure”

  1. I wish to know how I claim back overcharged payments in my oyster? I have previously had problems but let it go as amounts have been a pound or two, however on a journey on sat 24th was charged over 9 pound for a single journey from oxford circus to Richmond, which even on highest tariff should have been no more than 3.60,and yes I touch in and out religiously because of problems with previous over charging

    • Hi Karen,

      Ouch! Your first call should be to the helpdesk. They can see what has happened. As long as there is a sensible explanation they should arrange a refund for collection at a station of your choice.

      For your own peace of mind I would also examine your journey history and/or request a statement. It sounds like you’ve multi-touched somewhere resulting in some incomplete journeys. The entry/exit charge for one incomplete journey on a Saturday is only £4.40, so I’m struggling to see how you’ve lost over £9.00.

      I hope you manage to sort it out.

  2. You always keep mentioning Helpdesk. Where is it…any undergrount assistant box?

    I topped up a montly oyster. took the money, but didnt top up. so need to reclaim the money.

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