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An eagle-eyed visitor has spotted that TfL have introduced a new journey history display recently.  It is much improved on the old version.  You can still only see details for the last eight weeks but the history is broken up into week long chunks.  Within each week the entry and exit details for each journey (or part of a multi-leg journey) are matched up so that you only see the fare for that journey. All the confusing entry charge deductions and exit re-imbursements are hidden.  There is also a clear indication of when the fare for a journey has been capped.  Unfortunately it still won’t show both ends of a journey that includes travel outside of the zones covered by a season ticket.  Whilst I’m sure that the weekly display will help people who use their card a lot, I’d like to see the option to didplay all eight weeks in one go.

You can still access the old version if you want, which can sometimes have useful information, so I hope they keep that available.  You can also send them feedback on the new layout.  I’ll update the journey history page with a new screenprint when I’ve had a chance to fully investigate the new system.

Finally, there is no change to the requirement to have purchased online top-up before you can access the journey history online.

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  1. I certainly agree with your comment about been able to display more than one week at a time, that was my first observation when I visited the site earlier today before reading this.
    The addition of the cap indicator is also welcome although I am sure this was there some time ago in the past where there was a ‘Y’ added to indicate the cap had been reached.

    • The email statement includes a cap indicator, but to my knowledge, the online journey history never used it. I’ve certainly never seen it.

  2. I do remember seeing a “Y” in the cap column on the online version in the very early days. Currently my history is empty, so I can’t comment on the new layout yet, but I will be in London this weekend so hopefully something will appear. Incidentally I found the entry debits and exit credits very useful, so for me if they are hidden now its a step backwards!

    • Hi Alan,

      If it was before Jan 2010 then I probably never capped as I only used my card on local buses until then. At the moment there is a link to the old version along with a link to a survey with a feedback section. I’ve expressed a desire to retain the old version as well as allowing the new version to display all 8 weeks in one go.

  3. The revised online journey history is a phase 1 beta launch of a planned programme of improvements to the facility. We have initially sought to address the key issue of intelligibility, although the fact that we are still using the same data feed for the time being means that we cannot yet show season ticket transactions. The reliability and frequency of data updates is also being closely monitored.

    Feedback on the new facility (submitted via the link provided on the journey history page) is being reviewed with interest, and we will do everything we can to improve the service to better meet customers’ expectations in future phases of the project.

    • Thanks for taking the time to explain that, it is appreciated. And I have to say that losing the deduction of an entry charge followed by refunding the difference at the end of the journey was the single most confusing aspect of the facility, so that is a welcome giant leap.

      Looking forward to further improvements.

  4. Well, now I have some history to look at, after my visit to London last weekend, I’ve got to admit I do like the new format. The display is a lot more user friendly, and it does still show “continuation” journeys separately, I was worried this would be lost when it was hiding all the entry/exit transactions. I think it might be quicker at updating now? one of Saturday’s journeys was online last night, the other has appeared today. I have also requested an email statement to compare.

    Now if only it could keep more than 8 weeks …. !! (I guess for regular commuters that would be a lot of data, but someone like me who only visits London about 3 times a year, keeping a year’s worth would be ideal!!

  5. Yes agreed I tried it on Saturday as well for an OSI interchange and it gave the following

    18:59 – 19:50 West Drayton (national rail) to Hanger Lane £1.40
    20:02 – 20:23 Park Royal to Ruislip Manor £0.00 with a note saying you have not been charged for this journey as it is viewed as a continuation of your previous journey.

    • Thanks Malcolm, and sorry for the delay approving the comment. It looks like they really are trying to make the facility user friendly now.

  6. We have been able to indicate where a fare has been capped and where there has been no charge for a journey for some other reason (as shown by the icons and associated messages), but that’s about as far as we can go using the current data feed. This is the next area we are looking to address, so that we can start to provide more comprehensive and up-to-date journey history.

    Unfortunately showing more than 8 weeks of data is not on the cards, but we are planning to provide a download facility so that customers can build up their own longer-term history if they wish.

    • That sounds great, oysteronline. Could you also look to provide an option of displaying the whole 8 weeks in one go, rather than a week at a time, because infrequent users don’t really need the weekly breakdown.

  7. Needing to see more than a week at a time is a recurring theme in the feedback we have received, so we will be reintroducing this facility at the next update in September.

  8. @oysteronline is there anyway for a season pass holder to view their journey history????
    to prove whereabouts, etc.

    • I’ll let oysteronline reply about the future, but right now you can request a statement to be emailed to you. Take a look at the Journey History page on this site for instructions on how to request it.

  9. @Amamda,
    At the moment the data feed we use for the online facility only includes pay as you go transactions, as most customers use the online journey history to track their balance and charges.

    However, in phase 2 of the improvement project (due to go live later this year) we are looking to include details of Travelcard use, at least for those customers who also use pay as you go. Eventually we will cover all journeys made by Oyster online account holders.

    In the meantime, as Mike has mentioned above, you can request an emailed statement either online or by calling the Oyster helpline.

  10. This sounds like a great improvement – it’s clear and concise so you will only be able to see the information you want to see. For the time being at least having both versions available seems to be the best option (as not everyone is always going to like a change). The main thing for me is the level of detail that is now displayed, allowing you to see the fare for that part of the journey, which is the stand out upgrade for me.
    Sophie Hobson, Deputy Editor of LondonLovesBusiness

  11. Is there still no chance to request a journey history dating back longer than 8 weeks. I would be happy to pay for it as well.


    • Hi Zuz,

      History is only stored on the database for 8 weeks. After that all personal information is stripped and only general statistical information remains.

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