Interchanging at Custom House

A problem that has been reported in several places is the lack of validators in a key place at Custom House. As part of the new Elizabeth line station, a set of escalators has been provided from the DLR platforms up to the side gate into the Elizabeth line station. The problem is that no-one thought to install validators to exit from the DLR before using the gates to enter the Elizabeth line. This meant that people were charged an incomplete journey when they went through the gates to start a new Elizabeth line journey. It’s potentially worse the other way as the exit from the gates will end your Elizabeth line journey and if you don’t seek out a validator before getting on the DLR you will be travelling without a ticket and liable to a penalty fare or potential prosecution.

So, to alleviate this issue TfL have set continuation entry on the side gate entrance to the Elizabeth line. This means that you don’t need to touch out from the DLR and your journey will automatically be continued. I’ve tested this last night after watching Geoff’s final video in the Elizabeth line series and it definitely works, but only at the side gate. If you try to enter at the front entrance having forgotten to touch out from the DLR then it will give you an incomplete journey.

There is also no cure for the problem going to the DLR from the Elizabeth line, so I strongly recommend using the front exit gates from the Elizabeth line which will cause you to go past validators before going down to the DLR.

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  1. Which brings me to the issue of why interchange between Southeastern and Elizabeth Line at Abbey Wood has been difficult. if you travel up from Kent you can’t jump across on the footbridges and tap into Pay as you go prices, instead it’s a trip up and down through the gate line

    • Abbey Wood is politically difficult. Other nearby stations are open meaning that it would be quite easy for people to travel free to Abbey Wood and start paying there. Other than being at the rear of the London bound train, the footbridge to the gateline isn’t much further than using either of the other two bridges. With no money to gate and staff stations beyond Abbey Wood, I don’t see the government enabling even more fare evasion.

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