New Expanded Fares Guide

I’m delighted to announce that the fares guide section of this website has been enhanced significantly. There are now pages summarising all types of fares (adult, child, etc) within zones 1-9. This is the first of a number of improvements which will be happening over the coming months.

2 thoughts on “New Expanded Fares Guide”

  1. Hi. Can I confirm fares on this journey, brockley to Finchley Central using 2 different routes. 1. Southern to London Bridge then change to northern line to Finchley Central. If I go overland via Canada Water jubilee to
    London Bridge and then northern line to Finchley Central does it cost the same? My preferences is journey 1, but as I come through on rail I touch in and out when I don’t on the underground route 2. My concern is it’s costing me more to go route 1. Can you confirm please. I’m using Oyster card. Thank you

    • Hi Karen,

      Route 1 will cost more than route 2. Route 1 is on the NR1-T scale because of the section between New Cross Gate and London Bridge. Route 2 is on the TfL-LU scale.

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