New Fares from March 5th – Full-ish Details

The government have decreed that no details of new fares should be available on any public facing website until the morning of March 5th. In my view this is a ridiculous situation. Fortunately the fares charged by TfL have to be directed by the Mayor, and his decision has to be published on the GLA website. TfL also make available all single PAYG fares through their fare finder and this includes fares for rail services not operated by them. At the time of writing I do have a small problem which is that details of caps and travelcards for stations beyond zone 9 are not available. These will be added as soon as I get them.

Notwithstanding the above issues, the new fares are now available on this site. To check single fares and caps between any two stations please visit the 2023 Fare Finder. At the moment only caps for zones up to 9 are shown. All the cap and travelcard information is also summarised on the new Daily Caps and Travelcards page. The summary fare grid is also available at the bottom of the fares guide page.

In terms of what has changed, there really isn’t that much. Caps and travelcards have all risen by approximately 5.9% in line with the rise mandated for National Rail fares. Single fares are pretty much the same, although TfL have tried to limit the rise to single zone fares outside zone 1. To counter that, the zone 1 single fare rises by 30p in the peak and 20p off-peak. However, anyone making 3 tube journeys in zones 1-2 will reach the daily cap, so the effect of the rise is somewhat limited.

The two places where significant variations occur are both for airport express services. The good news is that the Heathrow Express fare remains at £25. The bad news concerns those using Gatwick Express services to get to Horley, Salfords and Earlswood. Previously the daily cap still applied for those stations, but now it doesn’t. Redhill has been taken out of this group of stations, so if you do decide to circulate via Gatwick to Redhill you will just be charged the normal single fare and capping applies.

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  1. Is the paper One Day Bus and Tram Pass still available (albeit AFAIK only available from the ticket offices at Wimbledon, East and West Croydon, Mitcham Junction, Beckenham Junction and Elmers End, or from local newsagents where it is issued as a single-use Oyster card)? And if so, is it now priced at £5.25, the same as the bus and tram only daily price cap?

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