New Fares from Tuesday – Full Details

It’s a little later than I’d hoped, but I now have full details of the new fares available on this site. To check single fares and caps between any two stations please visit the 2022 Fare Finder.

Note that we are aware of a small problem with the zonal coverage details when travelling to/from Gatwick Airport. Where a fare is described as avoiding zone 1 the low-zone indicator is incorrectly set to 1. TfL are aware of this and hope to correct the issue in time for the next revision in June.

Finally some surprising good news. Our fare tables at the bottom of the fares guide page are now a little simplified. Southeastern have brought the NR2 (Dartford and Swanley) fares into line with zone 8 fares on the NR1 fare-scale so neither the NR2 nor NR2-T columns now have prices in them. Also the fares into Liverpool Street NR which were slightly cheaper than the TfL-Ang fare-scale have all now aligned with the main scale, so the TfL-LSt column is also redundant. I will work on a revised map in due course.

12 thoughts on “New Fares from Tuesday – Full Details”

  1. How does the weekly cap work this week? As obviously the weekly cap is Monday to Sunday and the new fares and caps start on a Tuesday…

    • Great question Chris.

      I’ve checked and the weekly caps start at the new rate from 07/03/2022. This week they will be at the 2021 rate even if you don’t start using them before tomorrow.

  2. Hi Mike

    When I tapped in yesterday morning with a balance under £20 on my Oyster Card I was surprised to see it auto top up with £10 rather than £20. Is this another change TfL have been keeping quiet about? I remember there were a few complaints when the lowest auto top up was increased from £10 to £20 but might this not cause some issues at some stations (Gatwick?) where the auto top up may ot be enough to open the barriers? On the TfL website my cards are still showing as having auto top up set to £20 and it will only allow me to change to £40. On my way home I was again under £20 an it topped up another £10.

    • Hi Nick,

      That’s weird. It won’t cause problems even at Gatwick as the top up is applied before checking the entry threshold so it should be above that after the top up.

      I’ve sent you am email asking for some more info.

  3. Can you tell me how oyster works when starting your journey at Oval and going on by replacement bus.
    Where do you log in log out and what happens if you are changing onto the underground or National Rail eg at London Bridge.

    • Hi Len,

      As far as I know the bus from Oval is just a standard bus fare. If you change to trains at London Bridge you’ll start a rail journey from there.

  4. Looking at the Fare Finder it appears (for me at least) to still be showing historic cap values (e.g. Z 1-4 £10.60]. I don’t know if this is a “site thing” or a “device thing” on my end. I’ll let you know if it clears.

  5. Hi Mike,

    I love the website you are running. It’s very extremely helpful ?

    I do have a few questions to ask you from and I would really appreciate it if you could answer my questions to the best of your ability and knowledge ?

    * How much minimum PAYG balance do I need to have on my Oyster Card in (Peak hours and Off-peak hours) when traveling from National Rail stn zone 6.

    * How much minimum PAYG balance do I need to have on my Bank/Mobile device in (Peak hours and Off-peak hours) when traveling from National Rail stn zone 6.

    * Lastly, I spoke to tfl customer services about one of my incomplete journey on my oyster card for refund.
    I also asked them if I could claim refund for a (same stn entry & same stn exit) journey and they told me that I can not claim refund (same stn entry & same stn exit) journey which was very bizarre? I don’t know if you know anything about this.

    I do have some other questions but I would ask them some other time!

    Thank you for your help and time reading this. I really appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance 🙂

  6. Hi Sha Kan,

    The minimum balance required on an Oyster card is the cheapest possible fare from that station at the time of travel. If there is another station in zone 6 then it will be a single zone fare, otherwise it will be two zone (or even three zone in the case of Elstree & Borehamwood).

    When using a contactless card or device there is no concept of PAYG balance. At the end of each day the system calculates the cheapest fare possible for the journeys you have made and the single amount is requested from your bank.

    In terms of the incomplete journey, can you let me know the touch times and charges levied. If you leave without travel after touching in then they will usually refund the charge, especially if there was known disruption. Before advising further I’d like to understand exactly what happened.

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