New Hackney Interchange

Thanks in part to Noel and PC for spotting this. I visited the stations at Hackney Central and Downs last night and spoke with staff. The new link is due to open in the summer and will provide a direct walkway from Platform 1 at Hackney Downs to Platform 2 at Hackney Central. There will be a pink validator along the walkway so that people avoiding zone 1 can indicate this. It would not surprise me if the OSI was removed once the walkway opens as it will be a considerably quicker route even if you have to change platforms within both stations. I do wonder whether the platforms at Central might need to be renumbered 5 and 6 to avoid confusion.

5 thoughts on “New Hackney Interchange”

  1. Hi Mike

    I think I understand your 5/6 platform renumber.
    Does this mean that they plan on uniform signage in both stations with fast lanes in the tunnel for those whose connecting train leaves limited time to jog/or cycle?


    • Hi Noel,

      I don’t even know if they plan to change the numbers yet! I doubt there will be lanes, the footbridge isn’t that wide. And cycling on platforms is prohibited so will almost certainly be on the bridge too.

  2. Five million quid was the price I saw for this. But there is a wonderful bloke at the coffeestall at Central who has rigged up a laptop showing departure times so people can have a slow coffee…. I wonder whether he will rig it up to show the Downs times too?

    But really, just to congratulate and thank for this wonderful work.

    • Thanks Alun,

      I must have travelled through Hackney a day or so too early this week.

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