New OSI list from Jan 2012

I have received a new list of OSIs which is dated January 2012.  Not much has changed, but there are new OSIs between Aldgate and Tower Gateway, the two Edgware Road stations and different gatelines at Farringdon and Oxford Circus.  The temporary ones between Blackfriars NR and alternate District line stations are still active at the moment, though how long that will remain is unclear.

5 thoughts on “New OSI list from Jan 2012”

  1. Do you know if TFL have any plans to add Archway on with Northern line with Upper Holloway on the LO as an OSI?

  2. Hello Mike, I’ve come to your site for several times. A really nice project you’re undertaking here. What drives me to leave a voice here is an issue with ticket gates at Blackfriars NR not working. I travelled today from the DLR and changed from District line to FCC to St Pancras. The NR ticket gates weren’t working and no one was at the station to help. I carried on my journey and sought help from staff on arrival at St Pancras, who decided I should buy a paper single ticket for the FCC part of the journey to leave the station and then complain. (I believe I already paid the full fare of my combined journey when touching out from District line.)

    Do you know if I would be charged a maximum fare if I did touch out at St Pancras? Do you have any suggestion on what to do if similar things happen again at an OSI, and would you say it’s worth complaining for just £1.6 when there is no denying that I travelled without a ticket, and the staff did mention to give me a penalty fare? Thank you.

    • Hi Bingwei,

      Yes, you had already paid the full fare at Blackfriars LU. When you say that the gates weren’t working, do you mean that they were locked in the open position? If yes, the Oyster readers will still be working, you just have to find one where the orange light is lit and touch in the normal way. If you had touched out at St Pancras then there is a fair chance that you would have had an incomplete journey charge.

      When you have your journey history available then you could try complaining, although I don’t know how successful you might be. Send in your journey history and a copy of the paper ticket and see what they do.

  3. Hello Mike. Thanks for your reply. If I don’t remember wrong, all ticket gates were showing a red light and “closed” on their screens. I touched my card but nothing happened. Anyway, I have decided that a couple of avoiding-Zone-1 journeys will make up for the ticket, which is much easier to do.

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