New OSIs (inc Bank-Cannon St)

In late October I was provided with a new list of OSIs which had come from the ATOC fare manual rather than my usual source at TfL.  It looked like there were some useful new OSIs, including the long awaited Bank to Cannon Street interchange.  Later I received my usual update from TfL which showed that the ATOC list was rather inaccurate with most of it’s changes.  I even went out to test the Cannon Street to Bank route and proved that sadly there is no OSI between Cannon Street and Bank.  A few days ago I received a reply back from TfL which confirmed that they are seeking feedback from the TOCs as to whether they want this OSI in the future.

The original version of this post (02/11/2010) follows:

I have acquired a new updated list of OSIs and updated the table on this site.  Full details of the changes are included in comments below that page, but of interest to many will be the long overdue inclusion of Bank to Cannon Street as a valid OSI.

2 thoughts on “New OSIs (inc Bank-Cannon St)”

  1. I have no idea how OSI NORMALLY works. Today I for the first time changed DLR to Jubilee Line at Canary Wharf. I touched in and out for my DLR journey, and when I touched out it showed Oyster was charged for the journey. Then I touched in and out on Jubilee Line, and found I was charged again.

    Then the most amusing part: as I was charged for a journey which was split into two (for whatever reason), I wanted to check my travel history (which was not available for either I never buy top-up online or the complaint system was under maintenance). It showed 10.30 — 5 minutes later, when I refreshed the page, it changed to 13.30! I have no idea what just happened. Is it the refund? But the amount is not quite right…

    I’m really not sure what to do at OSIs now!

    • OK, the amounts displayed are sometimes confusing, especially with OSIs. If you can tell me what your journey(s) were from start to finish I’ll try and work out what should have happened. The balance on the card gets updated with the online system periodically, so it’s possible that you did catch a mid journey figure which was then updated.

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