New OSIs from May 22nd

I’ve received the latest list from TfL via a Freedom of Information request.  It confirms my suspiscion that the helpdesk didn’t know what they were saying when they told me that the Finsbury Park OSI was 90 minutes.  As I thought, it is actually 10 minutes, which is quite reasonable for the short distance involved.  There are also two new interchanges which will happen on May 22nd: Bank to Cannon Street NR (about time I hear you all say) and Putney to East Putney.  Full details are on the OSI page of this site.  There is also a description of Emergency OSIs which are applied as and when required, usually for short-term engineering work or station closures.  Unusually, this mechanism is being used in a semi-permanent way to provide alternative interchanges for Tottenham Court Road while the Northern line platforms are closed.

2 thoughts on “New OSIs from May 22nd”

  1. Is it true that in order to use OSI between LU/NR and NR/LU, you cannot use your oystercard on the buses between the OSI stations?

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