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I am delighted to be able to launch an alternative to the TfL Single Fare Finder. It is linked at the top of the Fares Guide page, or you can access it here.

Like the TfL version you enter two stations, but that’s where the similarity ends. The results page contains all the different fares (Adult, 11-15, 16-18, Disabled Railcard and Other Railcards). At the top of the results page is a button to simply reverse the enquiry so you can check any differences in peak times.

The fares data is provided directly by TfL Open Data so is the same as that found on their single fare finder. The list of stations has been sanitised so that multiple entries for the same station are eliminated. No distinction is made between National Rail, London Overground and TfL Rail – they are all NR.

8 thoughts on “New Oyster Fare Finder”

  1. This is really helpful – thanks so much for doing it. This adds to the superb nature of this website – which is really useful for Londoners – lets alone tourists et al – who have to use this crazy complicated system devised by TfL.

  2. Hello,

    I recently travelled from Charing Cross (NR) to Canary Wharf Jubilee line, changing at Waterloo East/Southwark. I’m trying to work out if the correct amount was charged, but both the TfL single fare finder and your fare finder don’t have a fare for this journey. What do you think the fare should be?


    • Hi,

      I would expect that to be £4.30 peak or £3.70 off-peak. Why didn’t you take the tube from Charing Cross to Waterloo instead? This is one of the undefined fares that the system seems to be able to work out if you use it, but TfL don’t think (m)any actually would.

  3. Thanks for this and the site generally – all very useful and informative. I have a question about Kennington – its down as zone 2 and yet when I travel Kennington – Charing Cross at peak times I’m only charged £2.40 which is the zone 1 rate – is this some special easement or is Kennington effectively treated as zone 1 now (I read somewhere that Tfl were thinking of putting in zone 1 but wasnt aware that it had been done yet)

    • Hi Simon,

      If you are travelling in the evening peak then Kennington to Charing Cross will be charged off-peak as it starts outside zone 1 and ends in zone 1. The fare finder should indicate this.

  4. I was looking to see if a journey from Orpington to Leyton Underground could be treated as a single 1-6 journey, but I am a little confused about the fare.

    It seems that switching to national rail at Zone 1 costs significantly more than I expected. Perhaps you could explain why?

    • Hi Andrew,

      It’s historical reasons. There is a surcharge applied to many National Rail and Underground/DLR mixed fares where part of the journey involves zone 1. The default fare for that route actually avoids zone 1 and is one I would recommend. Change at New Cross, Whitechapel and Mile End, where the last one is a cross platform interchange. The fare is zones 2-6.

  5. Thanks for this. Tried it for the first st time tonight and it seems to cover all bases in costing up travel options to North Grenwich for me and 14 yr old on Friday.

    I could have sworn I’d visited in the last year but this was new to me!

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