OEPs to be scrapped

Following a summit at City Hall with the Mayor, TfL and the London TOCs a number of improvements to travel within London have been announced.  The best one is that the Oyster Extension Permit will be killed off from 22nd May 2011, just over 16 months since it’s introduction.  Other measures include a clearer map showing all Oyster rail services which will replace both the London Connections NR map and the current TfL Oyster map.  It is hoped that the standardised version will help Londoners and visitors alike to navigate the city.  There is also talk about extending the Oyster system further into the shires.  The full press release can be read on the TfL website.

6 thoughts on “OEPs to be scrapped”

  1. For information, the TfL site is now stating that the date of abolition of OEPs is 22nd May 2011. You only find it if you click the “tickets” link.

  2. Dear Oyster National Rail,

    Say I start my journey at East Croydon and want to get to Hemel Hampstead, there is only one train an hour and it is cheaper for me to go by oyster card to Watford Junction and get either a separate ticket in advance from Watford to Hemel. As there is only one train an hour I don’t really want to be getting of the train just to tap out my oyster card and wait some time for another train when I have the right to carry on the train I am on at the time. How do I overcome this situation?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Tom,

      There’s not a lot you can do. The rules on using Oyster PAYG state that you have to touch in and out at each end. However, there are more trains from Watford to Hemel? Not sure when you are travelling, but it looks like you may only have 5 minutes wait for the following London Midland service.

  3. cheers mike, do you know if they are going to do anything about it in the future, lets say before hand if you know where you are going you could be able to register it on your card? like a train ticket but just on a card, plus i heard by 2020 that all transport systems in England and Wales will be operating on an nationalised electronic card system like oyster card that you can use on any service throughout the land, do you know of any info on this?


    • I don’t think there are any significant changes planned to the Oyster system apart from the scrapping of OEPs. As for the country as a whole, I’m aware that people are talking, but that’s as much as I know at the moment. There is the possibility that the Oyster system may get some further expansion into the shires, although quite how that will work is yet to be decided.

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