OSI may not end journey

Yesterday I discovered another little anomaly with the Oyster system.  I ventured out with one of my kids on a circular route taking in the DLR and Overground.  We touched in at Crayford and took the rounder service to Woolwich Arsenal.  Then it was the DLR to Shadwell with the obligatory sitting in the front seat pretending to drive the train. At Shadwell you have to touch out from the DLR and in again for the Overground and I thought that this would count as the end of the outward journey and the start of the return journey when I next touched out again at Crayford.  Unfortunately it didn’t.  The main exit gates were closed off so I had to touch out on a dual purpose validator and it flashed up with Entry instead of Exit.  This meant I had two incomplete journeys.

So, the moral here is to be careful when ending a journey at an out of station interchange, especially if you end up completing the interchange when starting the return journey.

1 thought on “OSI may not end journey”

  1. A very good warning to people. How _dare_ those of us who pay the wages of LU and TfL staff even think that we can return from a different adjacent station to the one we alighted from 🙂

    Almost as good as your warning to those of us who are stupid enough to think that integrated transport means that we can get a bus between (eg) Camden Town and Camden Road. Keep up the good work (the latter is, by the way, a violation of the Disability Discrimination Act)

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