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Oyster will be accepted at Epsom from Monday 25th February.  Details are a bit sketchy at present, especially as the fares are not yet in the publicly available fare-finder.  However, we do have a quote from TfL:

Shashi Verma, Chief Technology Officer at Transport for London said:

We are delighted that, working with the DfT, GTR and South Western Railway, we have now been able to expand Oyster and contactless to cover services to Epsom station. Pay as you go with contactless and Oyster has helped revolutionise travel on Tube, rail and bus services across London, making them more convenient for all. We are now working with the DfT and train operating companies on expanding pay as you go to more stations across the GTR network, including Hertford North, Welwyn Garden City and Luton, throughout 2019.

12 thoughts on “Oyster at Epsom”

  1. Epsom to Zone 1

    Single PAYG fares – Adult
    Peak: £9.00
    Off-peak: £6.60

    PAYG Capping – Adult
    Anytime: £18.30
    Off-peak: £12.90
    Monday to Sunday (Contactless): £91.50

    • Hi James,

      Thanks for this. Can I ask how you know these figures? Do you work for TfL/GTR?

    • Hi Carley,

      At the moment no fares are showing via the fare finder. Hopefully it should be clear tomorrow morning.

  2. I spoke to TFL and Southern last week about the pricing. The Southern staff had no idea, but the TFL representative highlighted what would probably happen:

    Example Journey #1 – Epsom to West Croydon Return (paper ticket – £8.10)

    If you went contactless then the journey according to TFL would be thus:

    Epsom to West Croydon would consist of:
    £2.30 (Single Fare Epsom to Ewell East (Z6)
    £2.70 (single Fare from Ewell East (Z6) to West Croydon (Z5)
    Total – £5

    Therefore return would be £10 – £1.90 more expensive to go contactless.

    In terms of a day travelcard (paper ticket – £21.70)

    Your travel would be capped at £12.80 within the TFL Z1-Z6 boundaries. However, I don’t know whether you’d be charged £2.30 or £2.90 for the single to Z6 as this currently differs.

    Epsom to Ewell East is £2.30
    Epsom to Ewell West is £2.90

    Therefore the most a peak daily travelcard will be is £18.60 and the lowest would be £17.40.

    Its all very confusing and I think we will still see the queues outside Epsom Station on a Monday morning for paper tickets as they are seemingly cheaper.

    Any comments of course welcome.

    • Hi Jon,

      I don’t know who you spoke to at TfL but they were talking rubbish. Single fares are now on the fare finder. Epsom to West Croydon direct is £3.20 peak or £2.30 off-peak. Daily caps are £18.30 anytime and £12.90 off-peak (after 0930).

  3. Hi Mike,

    The Hertford North branch is now also showing on the tfl single fare finder site. Though the system isn’t currently active at the 3 stations!
    It’s quite interesting to see the price difference between what TfL charge from Hertford North to Kings Cross than what Great Northern do! Definitely going to be a saving for me as I generally travel on a Friday and back down on a Saturday so have to buy two ridiculously priced single fares!

    • Hi Liam,

      I’ll be adding those stations into my fare finder shortly. There is a note on the TfL page saying that Oyster will be accepted from mid March. I’m pleased to see someone is getting bebefit from an extension. Reaction to Epsom has been decidedly mixed so far.

  4. Re Epsom, a peak return from Sutton is £5.40 and an off peak return is £3.60 – so paper tickets will always be cheaper…seems a bit pointless really. I wasn’t looking for a discount just convenience and parity…

    • Hi David,

      You’re certainly not alone in finding that GTR set return fares are cheaper on paper. Sadly Oyster is very much seen as a convenience rather than value on these extensions beyond zone 6. Even parity isn’t a given in many cases.

  5. Does this mean I can now travel from (e.g.) Worcester Park to Sutton via Epsom on Oyster?

    I don’t see that any new fares have been introduced to cover that sort of journey so I’m unclear whether that will now be valid from a routing perspective.

    • Hi Mike,

      Yes, you absolutely can go via Epsom now. The system assumes you’ve gone via Wimbledon but it’s valid either way.

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