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TfL have just uploaded three videos to YouTube about being Oyster Smart.  I’ve got to say they are quite succinct in explaining the basics and well worth a watch.  Here they are:

Of course they don’t go into very much detail about things like pink validators or out of station interchanges, but then that is where you can come to this website for more information.  At least they are finally trying to publicise some of the features of the system in a catchy memorable way.

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  1. If I need a receipt of my journeys what do I do (i dont have an online account) I gave her my Oyster card and showed her my season ticket thats attached to the Oyster was asked my name (which I got correct) and where I bought my card (also correct) I was told under the terms of the data protection act she couldn’t allow me to have a copy because although she saw the card was registered to my name. I might have a brother called Joe or James so it could belong to them.

    Is this an actual rule or is she creating it, I read nothing about it the Getting around with Oyster leaflet

    • Hi Jake,

      You can call the Oyster helpline and request an email statement or request it online using the help pages of the TfL site. Details are on the journey history page on this site. I strongly recommend getting an online account though because it will then be much easier.

  2. I am really surprised to see that the “touch pink” and fares routing concepts are not covered in the new TfL videos. It is an ideal opportunity to explain these important issues so people are charged properly. Explaining it would help TfL in the medium to long term by allowing people to use Oyster properly and avoid refunds and calls to the help line.

    When TfL launch contactless bank card use on the tube/rail network, and “back office” capping, at the end of this year people are going to have to understand all these subtleties or else people will be contesting charges made against their bank accounts!

    • Hi PC,

      Well they do mention both pink validators and the idea of out of station interchanges in the getting around video. There’s also a subliminal message in the OSI example using one of the most misunderstood changes off the Waterloo and City line to explain what to do.

      They didn’t mention the single fare finder though, and it still has a major flaw in that they don’t describe the default route. I really can’t understand why you have to click on a button just to see the alternative routes; they should all be displayed automatically.

      Back office capping – yes, I can see that causing issues, although it should also solve some problems as well, negating the need for some of the automatic refunds and allowing a more detailed analysis of the overall travel to see if a cheaper fare could be charged.

  3. Mike – fair comment about the “getting around” video. Goodness knows how I missed that. I know these videos are designed to be short and succinct but it would have been good to have had a bit about extension fares and that route validators also apply to non Z1 Travelcards on Oyster cards. I hadn’t thought about the auto display of alternative routes but you’re right – it would make things much clearer if there wasn’t the intermediate step. Perhaps the TfL website redesign due for July might improve matters?

  4. We will be in London in september. we are staying at the Novotel outside Heathrow. Is it easier for us to go back to terminal 3 to catch the tube or go to the West Drayton Railway Station. And do the trains still stop at the West Drayton Station. Also can I purchase a Oyster card at west Drayton if that is where we need to go.


    • Hi Gary,

      Trains do still stop at West Drayton and will probably be slightly faster than the tube into London, although nowhere near as frequent. As far as I know you can buy Oyster cards at the station, or at a nearby shop.

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