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Chris D.

Incidentally (and I don’t think I’ve encountered a route where this applies yet since the concession at E&C was fixed), what happens when touching on a pink reader to invoke a zone 2 journey (from a zone 1 default) during the afternoon peak?

E.g. Stratford to E&C NR via Whitechapel and Peckham Rye: without a pink reader this would be charged at £1.60. Is a pink reader touch ignored and the fare kept at £1.60, or would you be charged £2.40?

And if charged more, does that create an obligation to touch the pink reader..! 🙂

Another minor moan:

  • E&C NR to Elverson Road via Lewisham NR – charged as Zone 1-2 even with the OSI touch. I could actually accept the argument that E&C to Lewisham NR is marginally more likely via Z1 (I’d say it’s about equal), but that on its own is Z2.

And ones already mentioned but useful to collate:

  • E&C NR to Imperial Wharf via Clapham Junction – charged as Zone 1-2 even with the pink reader touch at Clapham Junction. Frankly it should be Zone 2 only even without a pink reader touch, there is no other credible route with no intermediate touches. The ‘via Vauxhall’ fare is even stranger.
  • E&C NR to Surrey Quays – charged as Zone 1-2 even though there were no OSIs implicating Zone 1.