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Chris D.

So I haven’t heard any rumours about Nine Elms to Vauxhall becoming be an OSI (which I can understand as it’s a slightly further walk, but it’s a shame as more SWR services call at Vauxhall), but Queenstown Road to BPS will be. This has the potential to be very useful to me as long as Battersea Power Station and Nine Elms are in Z1/2.

I see TfL’s recent press releases claims the stations will be in Zone 1, but per Geoff Marshall’s video of a few months ago, I don’t see how that could work map-wise. The only arrangement I can see that would work is putting them both in Z1/2:

Mock-up of R&T Dual-Zone configuration

(It would also be true to say the stations were Zone 1 stations if they were actually in 1/2, so I am remaining optimistic!).