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Alan Yearsley

I think it said on the TfL website when I tried to apply for a refund that my refund would be credited to my account next time I tapped my Oyster card on a card reader.

UPDATE: I have now got it sorted (hopefully!). I tried phoning TfL Customer Services, and after waiting about 30 minutes for a reply and a further 30 minutes to be put through to their refunds department they told me that because I don’t expect to visit London at any time in the near future they would pay it straight into my bank account in the next few days so I gave them my account details. They just had to ask me for details of two previous journeys that I had made to ensure that I was who I said I was.

I tried to log onto my TfL account using my phone as soon as I realised that I had an incomplete journey, but that day’s journeys didn’t show up on my account then and there: I am guessing that it takes a few hours or a day or two for the system to update itself.

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