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Neil S

Mike firstly apologies I’m dyslexic so may I have not explain myself so well.

I am pretty familiar with most of my journeys touching in and out ie if I was going to go from Preston road met loto Notting hill gate .

I would touch in at Preston road met lone, touch out at Finchley road met line, touch in at Finchley road and frognal, touch out at Sheppard’s bush over ground, touch in at Shepard’s bush central line and touch out at Notting hill gate Central line .

( All works perfectly well with being charged correctly)

However when I made a journey from warrick ave to queen’s park via bakerloonline I touched in at warrick ave changed for the overground to go to from Queens park to South Hampstead touched out , then I walked to Finchley road met line touched in traveled to Preston road and touched out .
( I was then charged for 2 sepperate journeys but from your explanation this would be correct as there is no journey) Anyway I explained this to the lady on tfl customer service who then said I would have needed to make an additional touch on. Yellow reader in the station before making the change ( this I have never heard of ) Yes I explained I was already touching in and out in all the stations I was using.

So the main point is they make their decisions for what ever they think is nessasary based on being under 800 meters obviously not because in certain situations it’ may be around 10 mins to get to.

For example I was going to suggest another Hampstead heath to Belize park ( typically 805 meters)

Is there. Link for the 800 meter rule I can imagine you have your own database built in you head.

As you say I guess I have just been lucky on occasions to be credited back and sometimes more Hastle to call in to get a refund and just stick to the configured routes.

Years ago I spoke to customer service at tfl and he explained if it’s a reasonable walk it’s worth suggesting. In addition I spoke to a member of staff who wasn’t aware about the things I was describing and checked with his colleagues who were also a bit puzzled. He mentioned you should put your suggestions on twitter and you would be helping others.

I can imagine I’m not the first and won’t be the last that would think there should be alternative routes to make interchanges. However the way you explain it I can imagine it’s unlikely any of these things would ever happen as there is a lot of red tape.
If I ever did want to put some suggestions who would you recommend sending them to?

Thank you very much for your useful explanation.