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Hi Len,

TfL have admitted that there was a problem around 7th June which lasted for less than a week. I asked them to provide statistics for users touching in and out between London Bridge LU and NR on that day, and for comparison on the same day a week later. The results were stunning and proved beyond doubt that the NR station gate clocks were badly out of sync. I strongly recommend re-asking for a refund as you were clearly overcharged.

For those interested, on 7th June over 4000 cards were touched in at NR before they were touched out at LU. Given it takes at least a minute to run between the two gatelines this is clearly impossible. Having said that, on June 14th 10 cards managed it which I think possibly relates to a later journey the same day. I also asked for touch in at NR after 0-2 minutes from touch out at LU. Over 4700 cards did it on June 7th compared to just over 1500 on June 14th. I did ask about statistics the other way as well, but the outcome wasn’t as conclusive though still showed an issue.