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Len Maull

I have received an E-Mail this morning telling me that they are giving me a refund of £5.05
I don’t know how they work that out I asked for £2.80 .
The customer adviser states that “On this occasion we can offer a refund of £5.05 but you may not receive a refund for this in the future as we go off your journey history statement for the time of tapping in/out.
I received the previous details regarding tap in/out times and the new one today.
How many other oyster card users do not bother to check their oyster journey statements. Thanks for all the help. In future I am going to use paper tickets
Day Travelcard plus Z6- Peterborough [TL/GTR]. And its cheaper and I will not need to do any tap in/outs anywhere and can switch eg at Blackfriars with the tickets.
Once again thanks for all the help. A true success.