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Hi Allie,

Thanks for dropping by. The reason I suggested potentially exceeding the maximum journey time is because on WDTK you mentioned disruption. On Mondays to Friday daytimes you have 100 minutes to complete a zone 1-2 journey. This should be absolutely plenty of time, but it might depend on where you start and end and how much disruption there is. If you can say what the journey is that would help.

Although TfL limit you to three online corrections to an incomplete journey in a month, you can contact the helpdesk and explain what’s happened and they will correct it for you.

Do you by any chance get emailed statements, or if it’s contactless can you still see the journey history from the last time you didn’t tap? If you can copy/paste the details here that would help.

Feathers: Thanks for your input (I think, really not sure about balloons and jetskis). There’s no OSI in play at Greenwich, but to get two journeys you have to leave two minutes between touches.