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G Seaman

Hello Alan and Mike
Thank you both for such a swift response and excellent suggestions. We’ve now looked into this, following what you’ve pointed out, and it seems highly likely this is exactly what’s happened. We’re going to top up the card tomorrow and when she returns to Uni on Monday (she’s on a few days out at home at the moment), hopefully all will be OK. We can see that the top-up rates start at £5.00 so we’ll probably put a bit more on to avoid this happening again; in case she gets confused over the Zones in future. As you can imagine, it’s all quite new to her and us as we’ve had no experiences of using Oyster before! We’ve been trying to suss this out for a couple of days so really appreciate the help. THANK YOU again. If we have any further related issues I may just pop back on here but fingers crossed. Have a great weekend.