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Maximum fares for 11-15 zip cards
I think I got this right. Just looking at fare finders

All stations in Z1-9 (not Heathrow Express)
Peak: up to £3.85, Off-peak: up to £0.85 (Z1-6), £1.30 (Z1-9)

Broxbourne to Hertford East (zone 11)
Peak: £4.90, Off-peak: £3.60

Chafford Hundred, Purfleet, Grays, Ockendon (zone 10)
Peak: £4.60, Off-peak: £3.90

Dartford and Swanley (zone 8)
Peak: £3.85, Off-peak: £1.30

Epsom (zone 9)
Peak: £5.10, Off-peak: £1.70

Shenfield (zone 12)
Peak: £5.55, Off-peak: £4.10

Watford Junction (zone 10)
Can’t seem to figure out, have you updated the fares there yet, still the 2022 ones?

Merstham (zone 13)
Peak: £7.05, Off-peak: £2.05

Cuffley (zone 9)
Peak: £5.70, Off-peak: £1.70

Bayford and Hertford North (zone 11)
Peak: £6.15, Off-peak: £4.80

Redhill and Earlswood (zone 13)
Peak: £7.75, Off-peak: £2.35

Salfords and Horley (zone 13)
Peak: £7.85, Off-peak: £2.70

Gatwick Airport (zone 14)
Peak: £10.15, Off-peak: £2.70

Heathrow Express
Free at all times.

St Pancras (EMR platforms)
Oyster not valid. Can you also mention the Southeastern from here to Stratford too please?

Gatwick Express
£10.90 at all times.

Would be helpful if you advertised this too! 🙂
Please find the one for Watford junction as I don’t think they’ve updated the fares there yet.