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Sorry for the delay, I’ve been trying to work out how these have been calculated. The second one is relatively easy. You’ve been charged £5.50 each way for Marlow to West Drayton or Hayes & Harlington and a zone 1-5 daily cap of £13.90.

The first one is a complete mystery. I can only assume that the peak extension fare from Marlow to zone 6 does not equal the single fare to West Drayton. This does sometimes happen and TfL are remarkably cagey about what the extension fares actually are. This may be at the insistance of the TOCs and/or the DfT, but it’s a poor show in my opinion.

If we take the cap as £13.90 again and the return extension as £5.50, that would make the peak extension £12.85 which seems too high. Remember that the bus will be included in the cap. As the person who actually made the journeys it would be interesting to see what response you might get to an enquiry as to how the charges were calculated.

As to your final question, yes I think it would be sensible to allow earlier touch in at stations on the Marlow branch. I suggest contacting GWR and asking them to request it with TfL.