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Miles Thomas
Participant seems to have at least one copy of the “old” 20 zone page–link below is their oldest capture of that URL (2019)

I haven’t flicked through the other captures from 2019 to now to see if the maximum times for the “missing” zones were updated before the information for crossing more than 11 zones was removed.

There may be older versions under a different URL but would need some browsing/special search to find the URL, starting from the archived versions of home page (with the websites own search not working and not having an obvious site map URL)

That data (historical to current) might be worth capturing as an article here (referencing back to source on, with a “health warning” that this history can’t be relied on to be correct, use as a guide etc. I’m willing to believe the data hasn’t changed that much but times may have been shortened to get the balance between accepting legitimate journeys, accepting a few claims case by case, but not creating too much of a widespread concern. Verifying current times by empirical testing (actually trying to exceed the times for varying number of zones and seeing when a fine was added, working backwards from last published time) would be a lengthy labour.