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Si Hollett

One question that there is no information about is OSIs. Several towns in the Project Oval scope are (were?) treated with interchange maps on the NR website showing walking routes both stations. Hertford is one of these towns, but doesn’t have an OSI despite both stations being PAYG – probably the stations are rather far apart and deemed too far for an OSI (plus the route up to Stevenage not being included makes it less useful as an interchange). St Albans is likely in a similar boat – too far apart to bother with.

Windsor, and in phase 2, Dorking, however, have the stations fairly close and are very much ‘potential OSIs’ – but there’s no news as to whether they will be. While Dorking is a little way off, Windsor is just 11 days away.

Edenbridge Town and Farnborough stations were late additions to the phase 2 scope, added due to nearby stations being inside the scope – so perhaps they have done some thinking about this. And it’s not due to station groups – else Reading West would be added as it’s the same group as Reading (then again, perhaps that’s a separate scheme as the station is being overhauled and upgraded).