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Mike (admin)

Hi Michael,

This topic is something I’m currently working on in regards to another query. The first thing to note is that a travelcard is a travelcard regardless of whether it is printed on paper, stored on a smartcard or residing on an Oyster card. The travelcard on an Oyster card has additional benefits when uesd in conjunction with PAYG credit, but in relation to separate extension tickets it is exactly the same as paper/smartcard versions. Taking your points in turn:

1,2,3: It’s up to you. I will often touch anyway because it then logs the journey start/end in my history, but if there are huge queues I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way.

4: Not necessary. Unless the station is on the boundary of the travelcard you’ll still be using the travelcard in a not touched in state until you get to the boundary.

5: Same as 4, plus a pink reader should never be touched as the end of a journey.

6, 7: Again the same as 4 really. When using a travelcard within it’s zones it’s only really necessary to use it to open gates. If you get checked en route you show your Oyster card and the relevant extension ticket and all should be fine.

For completeness, if you intend using PAYG credit with a travelcard on the same Oyster then you do need to touch everywhere or there is a possibility that the system can’t work out what you’ve done.

If you’ve had any issues with inspectors while using your travelcard and extension tickets then please do share details, because it may well help the other matter I’m dealing with.