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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for this. The Oyster caps for all the zones (inc 10-14) are available on my fare finder. I’m aware of the contactless differences for Potters Bar and Radlett. I do intend to show caps on the fare finder for the contactless only stations eventually, but it is complicated by the fact that if both ends of the journey are beyond zone 6 then a cap will apply but an extension fare will also be charged if that cap is reached.

What is interesting is that your conversation with TfL didn’t seem to mention Epsom or Cuffley. I know that they are in zone 9 for capping purposes, but this fact is supposed to be kept quiet because the weekly travelcard to zones 1-6 is much cheaper than the zones 1-9 version.

Can you tell me whether this was the normal helpdesk you spoke to, or did you get to speak to a specialised member of staff?