Site Updates and Capping Changes

Over the weekend the comments attached to the information pages from the old site have been migrated over to this site.  This means that the links at the bottom of each page back to the old site are no longer required.  I’d still encourage anyone who wants to ask a question to use the forum facility though.

Also, as posted last week, capping on adult Oyster cards changes from today.  At the time of travel everything will still work as before, but now the history will also be run through the back-end processing used for contactless.  The main purpose is to provide Monday to Sunday capping for rail journeys, but in a small number of cases the daily charge may also be revised downwards.  Some changes have been made to the Contactless vs Oyster  and Capping Examples pages to reflect this.  I’ll be testing this out in the next few days and will report back further once I see how it actually works.

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