Stratford moves to zone 2/3

Today’s announcement on 2016 fares has also confirmed the news that Stratford will move to the zone 2/3 boundary from Jan 2nd 2016.  In fact, the whole of the DLR/Jubilee line between Stratford International and Canning Town will move so that all direct journeys from Central London to Stratford can be made without using zone 3.

There may be small increases for journeys from zones 3-9 ending at Pudding Mill Lane, Bromley-by-Bow and East India as these stations will all move from the zone 2/3 boundary to zone 2.

4 thoughts on “Stratford moves to zone 2/3”

  1. > as these stations will all move from the zone 2/3 boundary to zone 2.

    No they won’t.

    • Hi Larry,

      Well it’s not impossible, but it would effectively create a corridor of about a mile width between Stratford and Canning Town straddling both zones. So far only individual lines have run along a boundary (eg Lewisham to Cutty Sark) and I imagined that the same would be true of the Jubilee between Stratford and North Greenwich. I will seek clarification when I can.

  2. Hi Mike

    Do you know when/how it will be possible to get details of 2016 fares for specific journeys including non-zone 1 alternative routings (i.e. a version of the SFF for 2016)? I haven’t even seen a summary table of 2016 caps / season ticket prices etc. Thanks!

    • Hi Jon,

      TfL usually make the new SFF available in mid December. Caps and season prices can be extrapolated from the mayoral decision pdf.

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